We believe growing bodies thrive on well-balanced, healthy diets.

Good nutrition is so important for growing bodies! We create delicious, well-balanced nutritious meals for children aged 1 – 4 years that are also super convenient for their busy parents.

We’re proud to be a wholly New Zealand owned and operated company serving families here in Aotearoa.

Our promise to you. Created with our nutritionist.


Toddlers are notoriously fussy eaters! From having to create works of art with toast shaped like a puppy, cucumber having to be re-sliced into circles rather than sticks, or making sure the carrot isn’t touching the broccoli on a plate, we’ve experienced it all! That’s why we’ve made our meals packed full of flavour, nutrition and texture – perfect for keeping the kids interested and excited at meal times. Giving our little ones diversity in their meals is good for their development and helps them build a long-lasting, healthy relationship with food. It also cultivates a sense of adventure when it comes to trying new tastes! And we’ve done the hard work for you, and that includes piping the mashed potato that tops our cottage pie into cute little swirls, to please even the fussiest little food critics.


From Spag Bol to Cottage Pie to Mac ‘N Cheese, our meals are familiar, comforting and delicious Kiwi favourites. They are all hand-made in small batches by our talented cooks in the kitchen, no mass production here! We wanted to create scrumptious toddler meals that taste just like home cooking. Our meals are loaded with veggies to pack a powerful nutritious punch. We’re not in the business of misleading or just achieving minimum standards; we believe in providing complete transparency over our products. You can see from our ingredient list that we don’t scrimp on the good stuff!


As parents ourselves, we want to preserve our planet and its natural resources for our children and future generations. Whether it’s animal welfare, preserving sustainability of resources or thinking about the effects of plastics and other pollutants on New Zealand’s pure environment, our children’s wellbeing and their future is important to us. That’s why sustainability and sourcing free range produce is high on our agenda. Our chicken is free range, our beef is 100% grass fed (and hormone, antibiotic and GMO free) and our fish is sustainably sourced. Not only does this show our children positive leadership, but we think it makes their meals taste better too!

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