Growing bodies thrive on well-balanced healthy diets

We use real ingredients to make home-style food

Feel good about feeding your little ones Tot’s Pantry meals

All of our meals are nutritionist approved

Tot's Pantry


We understand how important real food and good nutrition is for growing bodies. That is why our selection of purees and toddler meals are jam-packed with naturally nutritious ingredients so parents know they are feeding their little ones one spoonful after another of goodness.

Our products are hand-made with care in small batches. Check out our stockists for the full list of retailers or order online here and get them delivered to your door.


Pure baby food.


Our meals are tested by our most discerning critics – our kids!

Harlow, 2 Years old

Favourite Dish: Fish Pie

“Both my husband I work and find it hard to find the time to cook a healthy meal for our daughter every evening. It is great to be able to grab a Tot’s Pantry meal out of the freezer for her when we get home from work. All the meals are delicious but the fish pie is what Harlow always asks for. I can’t recommend these enough”

Kaleb, 3 Years old

Favourite Dish: Cottage Pie

“With two children under 3, Tots pantry has been a lifesaver! You’ve provided a quick, healthy and yummy option for my son (that I usually finish off) if he hasn’t devoured it all! I travel a bit for work so our freezer is always stocked with meals for daddy! It’s peace of mind knowing that I have these available if we decide to have takeaways or we’re just too tired to cook a proper meal!”

Piper, 1 Year old

Favourite Dish: Fish Pie & Veggie Mac ‘n’ Cheese

“I love preparing meals for Piper…most of the time! She has been known occasionally to be quite fussy. I find having a few Tot’s Pantry meals ready to go in the freezer such a help on those evenings where I find myself without a plan for mealtimes. She loves the meals and always eats them, despite her fussy tendencies!

P.S. I couldn’t choose a single favourite meal, sorry!”

Theo, 2 Years old

Favourite Dish: Spelt Spag Bol

“We recently moved to Auckland and were recommended Tot’s Pantry meals. The move has caused additional chaos to our lives and it is great that we can give Theo something that we know is a good healthy option for him and an easy option for us. He loves the flavours eats them all up which is great!”

Tot's Pantry


Available at selected stores of the following retailers, check out our stockists page for further details on where our delicious meals can be purchased.

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