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Literally could not get it in her mouth fast enough! She loved it. Thanks so much for creating such delish baby food


We loved them! So handy to have in the freezer and they are a good portion size for kids. I like the recyclable bowl and it was handy to just give to my boy for him to eat from.

Kate, Auckland

I like how you've snuck extra nutritional goodness in at every chance.

Sophie, Kapiti

I was blown away by the flavour full meals and whole nutrition. These are definitely not the flavourless processed kids meals you think of when you think 'pre-prepared'. We are big fans! Tot's Pantry have earned a customer for life.

Jessica, Auckland

Thanks for making such great products. They're a lifesaver for the weeks when we don't get the work/life balance quite right!

Jade, Auckland

I liked how everything comes so beautifully packaged and nice and easy to store. The sizing portion was spot on, 2 cubes were perfect. We love how simple and easy this is for mummas. Not everyone has time to make multiple meals for their baby so this is convenient yum and fast. It’s also so super healthy for our growing bubs. Would recommend in a heartbeat.


The ease of getting my kids healthy vege loaded food in 5 mins is amazing!!!! Especially those days that you get home from the playground a little late and you have two hungry kids whinging. A few mins and they were both eating and happy. Perfect portions and tasty - no complaints from this household :)

Jane, Wanaka

While I was on chemo and over COVID your meals were a life saver, they are tasty and nutrition wise fabulous

Ruth, Auckland

I like that they are nutrition dense fast food. I don’t even have to leave the house. From freezer micro wave to plate in a couple of minutes

Chanelle, Auckland

The meals were super delicious and we will continue to support Tot's Pantry

Jessica, Auckland

I like how convenient it is to just pull out what you want as you go. An easy, quick healthy dinner.

Santarna, Palmerston North

Loved the convenience of these! Healthy REAL food! Perfect for my busy household.

Shantelle, Kaitaia

I liked the fact that they are so easy and simple. Having toddler meals that I can just grab out of the freezer has been great. Especially when they’re packed with veggies so I know my son is getting a balanced meal.

Leah, Rodney

I'm big on frozen homemade meals but wasn't too keen on cooking liver so absolutely loved the meals with liver in them as it's an easy & delicious way to include this in my babes diet!


I love them, the packaging is nice and the sizing is great! Perfect for those I can’t be bothered cooking nights


I lived on the Tot’s Pantry meals when I had my bypass surgery and have recommended to others on weight loss diets. Healthy small portions!


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