Our Values and Philosophy

Good nutrition is so important for growing bodies! We create delicious, well-balanced nutritious food for 6months to 5 years, that are also super convenient for their busy parents.

We’re proud to be a wholly New Zealand owned and operated company serving families here in Aotearoa.

Our nutritionist Davinia has approved all of our food so you can rest assured that you are feeding your little family one spoonful after another of goodness.

Our babies deserve the best possible start on their feeding journey. We prepare beautiful food that is made from all natural ingredients. Our purees are made just the same as you would make at home, we do not water down our food nor bulk out the food with fruit puree. We aim to use organic produce where available, and usually we are able to source 90% of our fresh and grocery ingredients from organic sources and from NZ suppliers. We additionally only use free range chicken and beef that is anti-biotic, GMO and hormone free.

We believe growing bodies thrive on well-balanced healthy diets. Our meals have been designed to cater to fussy little foodies and provide them with a wholesome, nutrient rich meal, jam packed with veggies. We believe palettes should get used to savoury flavours, which is why we never sweeten our food, nor do we add salt - we let the flavours of the food speak for themselves. We carefully select ingredients that are preservative and additive free to ensure we can bring you a wonderful product, naturally. We also use sustainably caught fish, free range chicken and GMO, hormone and anti-biotic free beef.